CD “6”

Six songs about life, love and loss (oh….and a bit of murder). The following review is from Brian Inglis of Jellirecords.

“A long awaited CD dropped onto my desk from the one and only Hilary Pavey. The CD has six tracks, it is bigger than your normal EP, but smaller than an album hence the title ‘6‘, so I guess this is a maxi-EP. Hilary in her own inimitable way and lovely voice has produced six stunning tracks in the folk/roots genre. The songs each one telling a story about everyday life all sung with conviction. Hilary Pavey has picked up where Joni Mitchell left off and we are all the better for it. I single out the song  ‘How small I am’ as truly beautiful sung with deep feeling. Then there is ‘The Ballad of Annie Lucy McBride’ which is straight out of the backwoods of Kentucky, a little tongue in cheek maybe but I wouldn’t mind betting that there are a lot of women out there who feel the same as the sentiments of this song

I can’t recommend this CD highly enough. In simple terms it is truly exceptional, capturing Hilary’s voice and style and if she hasn’t already then this CD should be heading straight for Mark Radcliffe for his BBC Radio 2 Folk Show and anywhere else where she can get airplay. Now I have whetted your appetite you will want to know where to get your hands on it. Well, you can order a copy by email from:, or use the contact page at where you can also find out more about her and what she is getting up to. The CD is £6 + £1 post & packing. And if you don’t believe what I have written go an get a copy and find out for yourself.” (2015)

 Latest CD “Last Bus Home” £10 (+ £2 p&P)
Review By Mike Silver, June 2016: “The first thing that struck me about this album is the extraordinary clarity and purity of Hillary’s voice. It is fresh, enticing, warm and full of expression. Hillary’s singing is melodic and so wonderfully direct. I felt as if she was sitting right next to me as I listened. Her skill with backing vocals is plain to hear and enhances in just the right places, often surprising, unusual and always uplifting.There is an honesty and forthrightness in these songs. Hillary does not hold back with how she feels and what she wants to sing about. I found it instantly likeable and a lot more than interesting, simply because she has her own way of saying stuff and the stuff she says isn’t like the stuff that other people say!Stand out tracks for me are:My Heart Beats for You

Blue Smoke Bar

Missing Part

Having said that, there is really only one song on the album that didn’t get me and that is surely just a matter of taste, so I’ll keep it under my hat! All the songs are well written, sung and played with strong conviction which works for me. Extra backing vocals and guitar from Jim Reynolds on a couple of tracks complete the picture.

Mike Bowles engineering, recording and mixing skills, coupled with his ability to play a variety of instruments rather well makes him the ideal guy to build a lovely platform which displays Hillary’s work so clearly. The way he has recorded Hillary’s voice is particularly noteworthy, the best way I can describe it is to say its like an expertly taken ‘audio photograph’. The clarity is stunning and I’m sure he would be the first to agree that he had something really excellent to work with!

Last Bus Home is fine piece of work. Congrats all round”